Method CRM


What is Method?  Method Integration, also known as Method CRM, is an web-based platform CRM (Contact Relations Manager) that is very customizable and integrates with QuickBooks.  Several of it’s features stand out to me. One is it’s tight, comprehensive real-time integration with QuickBooks.  It allows you to setup extensive security.  Method is ideal for automating system processes.  It allows you to go beyond the capabilities of QuickBooks.  You can use formulas in fields, create your own screens, add fields to tables, create custom reports, add portals, and much more.  It will grow with the needs of your company.  It can connect you to your database without having to be in the office.

When would I need Method CRM Pro?  Method CRM Pro gives you all of the features listed in the CRM version plus it gives you access to industry specific software developed by the Method Team.  It also allows you to add your own tables to the platform.  You can literally design the software to function the way you like to work.

If you need assistance in determining what you need or how Method can help you, please contact Vicki at 859.491.4724 or e-mail me at

• Account setup
• Customizations of screens
• Setup employee specific access
• Add fields to existing tables
• Add portals
• Create reports
• Industry specific software
• Automation Planning
• Training on CRM & Pro
• On-going support

What do the certifications mean?