QuickBooks Certifications – What do they mean?

ADV – Advanced Certified ProAdvisor       

To receive this certification you have to have worked with three versions of the QuickBooks Pro/Premier software and also pass a very extensive test that goes beyond the software testing of the other certifications.  This is a very difficult test.  There are only a handful of people who have passed this test in the area.  We have been Advanced Certified ProAdvisors since the program began.

QB – Certified ProAdvisor                          

For this certification you have to study the QuickBooks Pro/Premier software and pass a competency test from QuickBooks on your understanding of the program.  The years listed on your profile reflect the years of the software you have tested on.  We have been QuickBooks ProAdvisors from the beginning of the program in 1999.

POS – Point of Sale Solution Provider        

This means you have studied the QuickBooks Point of Sale software, which is a product used in retail stores.  This is what is called an add-on software to your QuickBooks accounting software.  Again, you have been tested for competency on the years listed on your profile.  We are QuickBooks Point of Sale Solution Providers.

ES – Enterprise Solution Provider              

QuickBooks Enterprise software is designed for larger companies with more complex needs.  it has more security options, has terminal server capabilities, handles larger data files, gives you more users, etc.  Being certified with Enterprise means you have been tested for competency in the software.  We are QuickBooks Enterprise Solution Providers.


Method Certifications – What is the Difference?

Method Certified Account Manager         

A Method Certified Account Manager works with you during setup, implementation, customization and training.  We also manage your account as far as on-going questions, support, additional customization, billing, etc.  This requires the highest level of commitment to the product.  We are Certified Account Managers.

Method Certified Consultant                    

A Method Certified Consultant handles the setup, implementation, customization and training.  Then, your on-going support, questions, billing etc are handled by the Method Team.  We are both Certified Consultants and Certified Account Managers.